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Notorized verification of the experiment showing succes in the eczema numular, and arthritis, theoretically applicable to a multitude of different auto immune deseases such as psoriasis etc.

My name is Rafael Castellano Alvarez, born on March 29, 1958. I live in Godella, (Valencia) Spain and I work as an administative clerk in a private sector company. This Web site was created in March 2008 to divulge my experience with the illness I suffered.

One day I got a skin disease, and it seemed that it would be a lifelong condition. It is not a fatal illness, but it is chronic; diagnosed as Nummular Eczema, similar to psoriasis; of unknown origin and no known cure. I had two options: accept it passively or fight it.

I will reveal my adventure to you – a journey of no return, either to find my lost health or die in the process. During my path, I rejected conventional medicines and chemical treatments, which were of no use to me, since all they did was to cover up the symptoms, precisely because the origin was not known.

After more than five years of observations and tests I HAVE FOUND THE ORIGIN. The solution was very simple.

I myself took on many of the roles that needed to be played: self-taught pupil, researcher, Galenic formulator, guinea pig for my own potions, photographer, journalist, naturalist, ecologist, restorer, philosopher, biologist, writer, publisher, etc.

I have written this SELF-HELP BOOK for you, if you have a skin disease and want to avoid my mistakes. I want to share my knowledge, to help you to get well.

This new philosophy that I would like to invite you to share and which has been the key to my success, “THE LAW OF COMPENSATION”, is a Universal Law impregnating all the materials in the universe, and without these invisible compensations neither human form nor life itself would exist.

I have the evidence for my discovery: “THE MAGIC CURE DOES EXIST”!!! Not only has it restored my health, I have applied it to other similar ailments and achieved cures. (SWORN BEFORE NOTARY)

My greatest success: TO MODULATE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM (to return the organism to normal) in the case of Eczema, Psoriasis and Arthritis. Theoretically viable in a multitude of auto-immune conditions: Chrohn’s disease, I-type diabetes, Lupus, etc. and used as a preventative measure for many others: Sclerosis, certain types of Caner (colon), digestive problems, ulcers, etc.

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